Celebrating Our Grantees


At the Addium-METER Foundation, we are proud to offer grants with a diverse array of non-profit organizations dedicated to making a difference in the Palouse area. Our grantees are at the forefront of addressing critical community needs, from enhancing educational opportunities to uplifting underserved populations. Here, we celebrate their achievements and share the stories of how our support has helped fuel their missions.


Whitman Co. Libraries- Albion Branch Library

Awarded a $10,000 grant to renovate the Albion branch library.  The money purchases a new heating and air conditioning unit along with upgrades to the carpeting, paint and furniture.

Girls STream team

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

Awarded a $4,100 grant to help fund a week-long STEM-inspired day camp that exposes young women to
professionals in STEM fields through hands-on involvement in a variety of projects.

New Radio

Northwest Public Broadcasting

Awarded a $5,000 grant to in support of a new studio transmitter link (STL) for KRFA 91.7. 

UnionTown affordable housing

Palouse Habitat for Humanity

Awarded a $4,750 for the purchase of tool trailer and tools. In addition, volunteers came to help with the construction.

Family Shelter Room Improvements

Family Promise of the Palouse

Awarded a $6,000 grant to rejuvenate the family shelter rooms, with new paint, furniture, artwork, to make it a more home-y, less sterile temporary home .

MAINTENANCE Supplies for Group Home

Latah Alliance on Mental Illness

Awarded a $5,500 grant to purchase minor exterior and interior maintenance of the Alliance Group Home in Moscow, ID.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

United Way

Awarded a $6,000 grant to assist in inspiring a love of reading by gifting books free of charge to children from birth to age five.


Friendly Neighbors Senior Citizens

Awarded a $5,000 for home delivered meals for seniors who are homebound and unable to shop or cook for themselves.

Wish Granting for ILL Children

Make A Wish Foundation of Alaska & Washington

Awarded a $5,000 grant for wish granting of children with critical illnesses.

GARAGE Insulation & Drainage field

Northwest Children's Home

Awarded a $12,500 grant to  add drainage and insulate a garage and make it a 4-season gym for at-risk youth staying at the home. Physical activity is part of their therapy and healing as they work through trauma.

Summer Family matinee series

Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre

Awarded a $6,000 grant to fund the summer family matinee movie series and popcorn for all attendees.  


Lauren McCluskey Foundation

Awarded a $1,110  for SASS-Go  Self Defense Class, bringing in instructor to area to teach free class to women, hosted on the WSU Campus.

The vision and direction of the Addium-METER Foundation are guided by a dedicated board of leaders passionate about our cause:

  • Whitman Co. Libraries- Albion Branch (Renovations)
  • Palouse- Clearwater Environmental Institute (STREAM TEAM Camp)
  • Northwest Public Broadcasting (New Radio)
  • Palouse Habitat for Humanity (Tools & Labor)
  • Family Promise of the Palouse (Shelter Improvements)
  • United Way (Dolly Parton Imagination Library)
  • Friendly Neighbors Senior Citizens (Meals for Seniors)
  • Make a Wish Foundation of  Alaska & WA (Wish Granting)
  • Northwest Children's Home (Garage/Gym Updates at Group Home)
  • Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre  (Summer Family Matinee Series)
  • Lauren McCluskey Foundation (Free Self-Defense Class)

Join Our Mission

Each of these organizations represents just a fraction of the impact made possible through collaboration and support. Their success stories inspire us and highlight the critical role that grants play in enabling nonprofits to fulfill their missions.

We invite you to learn more about our grantees and the incredible work they are doing in our communities. If you represent a nonprofit organization and are interested in applying for future grants, we encourage you to stay connected with us for updates on our grant program and application process.

Together, we can continue to support initiatives that make our communities stronger, healthier, and more sustainable. Thank you to all our grantees for their dedication and hard work. Your contributions are truly making a difference.